Rules and Waiver

At our pop-up events (and eventually, at our cat café!), we ask that guests observe the following rules to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone, human and feline. Mahalo!

Event Rules

1) Please treat the kittens with respect and care. If you are bringing children, be sure they do the same.

2) We love animals (obviously!) but for everyone’s safety, we’d appreciate it if you left your furry buddies at home.

3) Children must be accompanied by an adult.

4) Please refrain from feeding the cats your food or drinks. Our boba tea and cookies are for humans only.

5) Please keep your voices down — don’t freak out the cats!

Basically, be a considerate cat lover! We may ask anyone who is disrupting the cats’ well-being to leave the event.

Event Participation Waiver

All guests are required to sign a waiver to participate. (Cats are animals, after all.) You can save some time and fill out our online waiver before each pop-up. It’s an electronic waiver, so no need to print!

If you will be bringing children, please select “minors (children)” on the first page, so they are covered, too!

Click here to sign the waiver.